Our Story

What We Do?

For over five decades, KPR has been a leader in the safety footwear industry, specializing in the manufacturing of direct injection safety shoes and delivering quality and durable safety shoes to our customers.

Our sole mission is to ensure the right quantity is sent out to you at the right time at a consistent quality – We achieve this by automating both our production processes and information technology, a near-total vertical integration of critical manufacturing components, and rigorous testing of KPR footwear in our certified in-house lab against international safety standards.

How it all started?

It all started in 1968 with renowned Canadian shoemaker K.P. Yao – whose factories in the Philippines produced shoes for Adidas and Nike. Witnessed to numerous workplaces injuries such as slip and fall incidents, and feet crushing injuries, it dawned upon him the importance of protecting workers on the job. He founded KPR, and for the next 40 years, KPR continues expanding in Asia with the best of Canadian values of Quality, Confidence, and Consistency.


KPR expands into Asia bringing safety shoe-making expertise, quality, and consistency in safety shoe manufacturing in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China


Setup state of the art testing lab


Launches project S.A.F.E to provide protection against a range of workplace hazards


KPR deploys AI software to enable vertical integration where every part of the shoe is produced in-house


Expands operation in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia


Back to our roots with a factory set up in Toronto, Canada. Nov 2019 set up a new facility in Indonesia

Nothing less than the best

KPR continues to find new ways to pair revolutionary technology and human expertise. This unique combination of man and machine is the key to how KPR can deliver consistent quality while operating at maximum efficiency to meet the needs of all our customers.

From designing the shoe and bringing it to life, KPR puts our half-a-century’s worth of shoe-making know-how and expertise into ensuring that every pair of shoes produced stands up to our wearers’ everyday work hazards and challenges.

Safety Shoes that Last

With roots planted in Canada since 1968, KPR‘s shoe-making expertise, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, KPR is uniquely qualified to produce comfortable and reliable shoes that are built to last. We are more than qualified to be Your Partner In Safety.

Your Safety is our No 1 Priority

KPR’s safety shoes are internationally certified to ensure our products comply with the standards required in the various regions.