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Benefits of Composite Toe Safety Shoes or Boots

If you have been browsing or website or brochure, you may have wondered what is the difference between steel toe vs a composite toe shoe or boots as well as the respective protective midsoles that are often built in. Customers often ask if the composite toe safety shoe or boots comply with safety shoes standards or are they inferior to steel toe safety shoes and boots.

KPR’s Non-metallic Toecap Meets EN20345: 200 Joules

Here’s a few benefits of choosing to go with composite toe safety shoes.

  • Composite toe cap meets industry standards
    With no compromise on safety, durability, comfort or style, KPR’s composite toe cap meets EN20345 requirements of a 200 joule toe cap and protect the feet from impact hazard.
  • A must for high security work places
    Composite toe safety shoes or boots, practical when used in work places with metal detectors such as security, government buildings, airports allow wearers to pass quickly and easily through metal-detectors. This saves time and ensures that the wearer keeps their safety footwear on at all times without compromising on safety.
  • Composite toe cap providing extra comfort
    The lightweight composite toe cap we used in our safety shoe or boots reduces stress and fatigue on the legs and joints throughout long workdays yet they are strong enough to protect your feet against impact and compression. Non-metallic anti-penetration midsoles are also softer and more flexible than steel.

Metal free safety shoes are made with composite components. Composite safety shoes are essential in a lot of different job situations, for instance in the airport where there are metal detection portals.

Whether you are a worker looking for your next pair of safety shoes or an employer making sure your workers have the proper protective footwear for the job, at KPR, our customer service and sales representative teams have the expertise to answer any questions you have about choosing the right safety footwear for your industry. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Browse through all our metal- free safety shoes.

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